The success of your kids is what brings us to work every day, makes us work incredibly hard and never stop trying to do better. They drive us to diligently focus on the priorities that really matter... because no matter how many billions of things we are tackling everyday (and we are), that priority list will always be topped by your kids.

We believe that anyone who is self-actualized and playing to their strengths will always be a happy warrior who brings an incredible amount passion and contagious energy with them. That pretty much sums up the kind of child who attends Global Discovery Schools. Our Roadmap to My Dreams platform allows us to handhold our students through the process of finding their station in life, and truly discovering and developing the latent potential within themselves. They know who they are, and what their strengths are and what they want to be,  credits to our extensive psychometric testing and continuous educator observations and evaluations . They are being vectored on a trajectory that will develop their dominant strengths and launch themselves forth to actualize their dreams, from the aisle of their dreams and aspirations, inevitably enjoying the ride.

Global Discovery Schools firmly believes that every child represents a blank canvas of infinite possibilities and we relish the opportunity to enable these children in our care to really explore this expanse of infinite possibilities and be what they want to be.


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