The People

  • Conceived by a team Indian Professionals from the Kellogg School of Management
  • GDS is powered by a collective intellect of  professionals from diverse backgrounds,  with high-responsibility positions in the Fortune 500 companies
  • Alumni of universities like  Stanford University Graduate School, IIMs and IITs
  • We today harbour a talent - house  from across industry to ensure, high  service benchmarks  along with emergent pedagogical delivery


The Education

  • GDS' education system draws its inspiration from various global education models like Reggio Emilia, Montessori, Waldorf Schools, Rocketship Education and our own Gurukul system.
  • Innovates ways to enable personalized education to every child.
  • Our emergent pedagogy stands beyond 7 years of global research mapped to CBSE; 1600+ knowledge sources; 460 Discovery packets and advanced scheduler / optimizer that assigns them to right type of timeslot; technology based monitoring system that enables live tracking of daily progress in classrooms .
  • Innovative, neo-tech, virtues of experiential/ applied formats of learning.
  • Discovering and personalizing the trajectory being walked upon, as our students secure their tomorrow by creating a walking platform by virtue of the Roadmap To My Dreams
  • Backed by technology and entrepreneurship education- an innovative program called Discovery Launchpad .
  • Technology enabled academic delivery and environment .
  • Creative study plan created called Discovery Packet that enhances learning in a meaningful and joyful way. A discovery packet is aimed at imparting education by virtue of induced experience.
  • Use of experiential gadgets to conduct experiments and explain complex fundamentals in the math and science labs.
  • Special Language labs .
  • Dedicated Spoken English and Mental Math Program .
  • Competitive scholastic and Co-scholastic environment .

The Learning Spaces and Technology

  • Innovative use of IT to closely monitor and manage its chain of schools.
  • Monitor the vibrant and emergent pedagogy.
  • Aggressive use of technology in the school to teach effectively integrating technology into the curriculum by the Discovery Launchpad .
  • Every GDS school offers a distinctive GDS architecture and interiors that create learning spaces to support your child's learning process.
  • We refer to the school facilities as the third teacher (the first two being the classroom instructor and the parent).
  • A top-notch international caliber of education at an affordable price.
  • It offers students an opportunity to recognize their strengths and learn to play to those strengths for the rest of their lives.
  • The school chain operates on a franchisee model and has an ever-increasing library of pedagogical content, an increasingly robust set of technologies it uses to manage its schools.
  • A comprehensive and cutting-edge school space design blueprint.
  • A highly effective set of marketing campaigns that help implant a school in a city instantaneously.



Educators & Curriculum 

  • Bring a rich varied global professional experience and exposure rather than the routine teaching methodology.
  • Young dynamic subject matter experts , who are personify love care and compassion.
  • Dynamic go getters .
  • Hired and trained extensively on quality with mentoring and continuous performance evaluation to fuel their development.
  • Domain Expert Network calls and Examinations for Educators .
  • All India Educators’ Collaborative knowledge sharing .
  • The curriculum followed is a 2-layered basic CBSE curriculum that conforms to the CCE standards topped with a remediation layer.
  • This remediation layer consists of "Discovery packets" which are a specially choreographed learning experience designed by GDS itself for topics that are complex and require greater applied learning 

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