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The Discovery Launchpad is global Discovery Schools’ Technology and Entrepreneurship program that offers a wide variety of technology courses, workshops, international exchange programs, industry mentorship and internship/projects in mobile programming, animation, editing of digital movies, music and photographs, internet engineering, fabrication and robotics. It also teaches business skills like basic accounting, sales & marketing, and people skills. The goal is to enable every student to run their own small business by the time they complete their school education.

The global Discovery Schools sports program offers competitive sports like football, cricket, basketball, volleyball and athletics. It also offers recreational physical activities like hiking, skating, biking, malkhamb, and gym (weight lifting, stretching). global Discovery Schools counts several state and national level sports persons in its classrooms.

global Discovery Schools’ aHa approach to education offers aHa packets that explore music, singing, dance, drawing and painting. global Discovery Schools regularly encourages its students to excel in public speaking, general knowledge quiz, and spelling bees in various academic and semi-academic competitive forums such as the Olympiads

Please visit the global Discovery Schools’ City Office to go through the entire collection of publications for each class. These publications have evolved to track innovation in the sector, resulting in the formulation of a different curriculum that’s far ahead in time,
transforming the CBSE syllabus into a living engaging curriculum.

At global Discovery Schools, we make learning an interesting process that is never forced on students.

global Discovery Schools has put unique solutions in place to make children fall in love with the learning process and give their very best to exceed their 10th/12th grades and perform better than the current leading schools.

global Discovery Schools’ unique solution includes open format experiential learning environment, watering holes, dens, ubiquitous technology, Da Vinci Studio, dramatic competition areas, high energy performance stages creating a lot of excitement to exceed in their delivery, and a way to involve community in dramatic manner, number of guest speakers in education delivery, etc.
global Discovery Schools’ architecture stands out as a science discovery place that is known to excite children year after year.

global Discovery Schools’ recognition and reward system for each child on a continuous basis for maintaining high motivation helps to bring out the best in every child.

We beat other schools in personality development.
global Discovery Schools’ invests in students’ special talents. Specialized sessions for honing abilities required for any competitive forum by logical reasoning, analytical abilities, group discussions, stage performances, public speaking, presentation skills, inculcating reading habits through various initiatives, puzzle solving, Sudoku, Vedic maths, abacus etc.

Focus on developing niche areas for each child depending on interest and personality trait e.g. sports dance, music, skating, writing skills, language programs, small magic tricks, playing different instruments etc.
global Discovery Schools’ high performance dramatic architecture provides student’s opportunity to perform and be themselves in two dozen different personality traits. This happens in a predictable manner through the GDA process platform where amount of exposure is a configuration parameter in global Discovery Schools platform (configured at student level or many other higher levels).

We focus on the end goal of a fulfilling career.
We do that by planting key learning early in a child’s developmental years. We do that in a predictable manner through global Discovery Schools’ process platform.
We have created a global people ecosystem that provides us with the most current and relevant research/ideas/trends before others systematically developed and delivered to class in a predictable manner. This fuels global Discovery Schools’ emergent curriculum keeping pace in a fast changing environment.

global Discovery Schools provides everyday international interaction by phone, email, video, web screen share and physical tours around the world to make sure that the exposure is much more than celebrating global festivals.

Feedback from parents

We continuously evolve and refresh our approach based on feedback from parents.
global Discovery Schools’ process and platform has the capability to listen to parents through aided and unaided recalls of aHa tasks, rating of teachers, content, direction and ability to listen to researchers.
Every strategy, policy, practice, test process and content packet has to be gated by Voice of Customer (students, parents), Voice of Research, and Voice of Brand.

We encourage our students to chase their passion and that invariably leads to better engagement and enthusiasm.

We provide all help, support and training to enable a child to be a star in whatever he chooses to do.

global Discovery Schools provides adequate early exposure to careers available, sets role models early in a child’s life from commerce and industry.

We encourage our students to interact with industry leaders and have them as mentors. School premises are also used by industry to do their own exhibition and product launches. This excites children to take interest in how world economics and careers work, and creates right role models.

global Discovery Schools exposes children to money related experiments / commerce experiments in tough environments - so student’s comfort level in making high stake decision involving large amount of money goes up.
Career focused approach – Incorporates all advantages of parallel education in India (Coaching institutes, personality training institutes etc.) and thereby considerably improves time utility of students, improves quality (as global Discovery Schools brings out the best) at affordable price.

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